About Us

We believe responsible seafood sourcing includes eliminating bycatch of endangered, threatened, and protected species in fisheries.

With founding sponsorship from Purina Europe, the Bycatch Solutions Hub was developed by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) to help the seafood industry address bycatch of marine wildlife in commercial fisheries and improve ocean biodiversity through action at all levels of the supply chain. The Hub builds on SFP’s nearly two decades of experience working with the seafood industry to develop practical solutions to sustainability challenges facing commercial fisheries.

Traditionally, sustainability has focused primarily on harvest rates, but sustainability also needs to consider impacts to wildlife.  Unintended catch (bycatch) of non-target species adversely affects ecosystem stability, as does other types of environmental degradation.  We believe for a fishery to be sustainable it must work in a way that promotes a healthy ecosystem.

We designed the Bycatch Solutions Hub to be an actionable tool designed for the seafood industry to address bycatch impacts within their supply chain. 

Pots and traps for commercial fishing

Our Mission

The Bycatch Solutions Hub aims to engage all levels of the seafood supply chain to support actionable solutions to reduce bycatch of marine wildlife in commercial fisheries.

For more information on the Bycatch Solutions Hub, to get involved, or to learn more about potential bycatch issues in your seafood supply chain, please contact us!