Gear Types


Longlines can be miles long and contain thousands of baited hooks, leading to high bycatch and mortality rates.

Longlines are long fishing lines or ropes with many hooks, set either in open water (pelagic longlines) or on the ocean floor (benthic longlines). These longlines are composed of a mainline with many shorter lines with baited hooks, often called gangions or snoods, coming off of it. In many fisheries, longlines are many miles long – the average longline in U.S. industrial fisheries is 28 miles long and has thousands of hooks attached to it.

While there is no way to fully prevent ETP bycatch and bycatch mortality in longline fisheries, the adoption of best practices and mitigation gear types can greatly reduce bycatch rates and save wildlife that otherwise would have become hooked or entangled.
ETP Impacts and Fishery Recommendations