Bycatch Solutions Hub team member Kathryn Novak hosted the panel “Close To Home: Innovation and Adaptation Amongst Canadian Snow Crab and Lobster Fisheries”


Biodiversity and Nature Programs Director of SFP, Kathryn Novak, hosted a gear innovation panel at the 2023 Responsible Seafood Summit in New Brunswick, Canada, on October 5th.  The panel, which was composed of individuals from the snow crab fishery, gear manufacturers, Canadian Wildlife Federation, and Fishery Improvement Projects, discussed the current state of ropeless in the Canadian snow crab fishery and the major challenges for large scale implementation.

Currently, the major barriers are the price of ropeless systems, interoperability between systems from different manufacturers, and the ability for enforcement agencies to locate and access the gear.  However, it was agreed by all that the units are reliable while not perfect, and that the gear is on the right track to provide fishermen a tool to access fishing grounds closed due to the presence of large whales.


Katherine Morrissette, MKM Global, FIP Implementer for the Southern Gulf of St Lawrence Snow Crab FIP

Stephen Jones, Chief Business Development Officer, Ashored Innovations

Elizabeth Vézina, Fisheries Engagement Specialist & Field Program Lead, CANFish Gear Lending Program

Martin Noël, Snow Crab Fisherman and Captain of the F/V Jean-Denis Martin


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Responsible Seafood Summit: “Some Fails But Overall Success” With Ropeless Gear In Snow Crab Fishery (


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