Fishery Type

Purse Seine

Ocean Region

Indian Ocean, Eastern Pacific Ocean, Western Pacific Ocean, Northern Atlantic Ocean

Target Species

Salmon, Tuna

Bycatch Species

Marine Mammals, Sea Turtles, Sharks and Rays

The backdown method is conducted after setting the purse seine net but before finishing the haul. This process creates a channel and an opening at the back of the net where non-target species (especially small cetaceans and sea turtles) can escape at the surface. This technique was developed to mitigate the risk to dolphins and porpoises that were commonly caught in purse seine nets, especially in dolphin sets. The process occurs after most of the net has been hauled and involves fishers in the water “herding” the dolphins and sea turtles out of the back of the net. This method is less effective for sharks which tend to stay at the bottom of the net