Fishery Type

Purse Seine

Ocean Region

Indian Ocean, Eastern Pacific Ocean, Western Pacific Ocean, Northern Atlantic Ocean

Target Species


Bycatch Species

Marine Mammals, Sea Turtles, Sharks and Rays

Fish aggregation devices (FADs) are structures that attract target fish, normally tuna, which the are used to increase fishing efficiency. Nets and ropes that attach to the main structure and hang in the water often entangle non-target species such as sea turtles, seabirds, and sharks that are also attracted to the FAD. Purse seine nets are then set around the FAD, encircling large schools of fish attracted to it. However, FADs essentially act as an oasis in the open ocean and therefore attract many other organisms. To remove the direct risk to bycatch, the structures need to be constructed so that they do not create an entanglement risk. This includes the removal of any hanging ropes, nets, and webbing.