Fishery Type


Ocean Region

Eastern Pacific Ocean, Western Pacific Ocean

Target Species


Bycatch Species

Sea Turtles, Sharks and Rays, Seabirds

An initial assessment on the possible bycatch of ETP species occurring within the fishery determined a need for the FIP to increase data collection on bycatch composition and mortality rates.  As a result, an ETP Management Strategy was developed that aims to increase data collection through the implementation of electronic monitoring systems (EMS) on all vessels in the FIP with a target to review 20% of all sets.

The Pacific Ocean tuna longline FIP has also committed to a number of best practices, including using non-wire leaders, circle hooks, whole finfish bait, zero retention of oceanic whitetip and silky sharks, fins naturally attached policy for retained sharks, promotes best practices for bycatch handling and release of ETP species and requires skippers attend regular training.

The work this FIP has completed on ETP species has helped it to move forward into MSC assessment.

Read more at their Fishery Progress and MSC pages here.

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