Fishery Type


Ocean Region

Indian Ocean, Eastern Pacific Ocean, Northern Atlantic Ocean

Target Species

Atlantic Cod, Groundfish, Shrimp

Bycatch Species

Sea Turtles

Turtle excluder devices are modifications to trawl nets that block specific taxa from getting dragged into the cod end of the net and allows them to swim out while the trawl net is being towed.

These devices are typically constructed as a set of bars, sometimes curved, that prevent any organism larger than a certain size from passing through. Above the excluder device there is a built-in access panel that provides a safe exit out of the net.

Bycatch excluder devices have been in development for at least three decades and in fisheries where the size of the target species is much smaller than the bycatch taxa they have proven to be very effective. The most commonly used excluder device is the turtle-excluder device (TED), which greatly reduced sea turtle bycatch in the Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery.


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