Fishery Type


Ocean Region

Indian Ocean, Eastern Pacific Ocean, Western Pacific Ocean, Northern Atlantic Ocean

Target Species

Mahi, Swordfish, Tuna

Bycatch Species


The greatest bycatch risk for sea turtles and seabirds is when the baited hook is at or near the surface. For seabirds, the risk occurs during the longline set and haul. Therefore, the quicker that baited hooks sink to depths inaccessible to diving seabirds, the lower seabird bycatch rates are. Weighted branch lines increase the sink rate of baited hooks decreasing the amount of time that they can be predated on by seabirds and that seabirds can get hooked. When combined with bird scaring lines or other methods to deter seabirds during the set, baited hooks can reach safe depths before seabirds have the chance to get hooked.